​For anyone traveling with ​your significant other on a weekend getaway, there’s always time for a little exercise. No fitness center where you’re staying? No gym for miles? No problem. Grab a partner, find some open space and create your own living, breathing weight room. ​Learn exercises to do right there in your hotel room, gratuity included.

By training together, which is not always common, couples get to spend a little extra time together. Since one person is usually more into working out than the other, this also allows the less enthusiastic person to share in something that’s very important to the other. Worst-case scenario is that soul mates end up getting fitter and leaner. Best case is that they become permanent workout partners.

​Learning dedicated workouts like a "push day and a pull day" that couples can do together to build muscle and burn fat but it is bolstered by days that call for individual, detail-oriented work. ​Gender-specific workouts that address areas of greater concern for ​are most of the ​work outs implemented; guys will do a little extra work for arms, while gals will tackle a few more moves for their hips and glutes.

​Exercise adherence seems to strengthen when two factors are involved: accountability and social support,​ And both factors are satisfied when working out with a buddy or partner. ​

“Studies do show that working out in groups increases exercise adherence over working out individually,”​

So dragging your guy or girl out to the gym may help both of you stick to your chosen workout protocols, perhaps more so if you’re doing the same workout while learning more to be there for one another, cherish ​relationship's in your life and expand into different realms of possibilities when working out with each other.

​In some relationships, partners appreciate that their partners adopt—and adhere to—certain roles. ​Sentient beings thrive on having firmly established, consistent, and clearly defined roles among those in our life. Some women, for instance, may desire that their man take a certain role with them: loving, caring, nurturing supporter rather than hard-nosed, loud workout buddy. I can certainly see some women saying or thinking, ​"Leave the exercise motivation to my trainer, you’re here for unconditional support.​" In fact, some men may feel that way about their woman, too. Don't give up!



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